Parks - Benches, Tables, Refuse Bins & Fire Boxes

PICNIC TABLE - Our picnic table frame is manufactured from heavy gauge pipe and is powder coated. The design eliminates stress on the wood with the use of cross tubes, this also allows for easy entry. Our picnic table frames are available in both 6ft and 8ft. Hardware is provided to assemble the frame and attach the wood. We use special large flat head bolts for a smooth finish and are snag free.

FIRE BOXES - Our standard fire box is 20” X 20” It has a hinged lid, a handle and is made from 10 gauge metal. The grill is made from ½” rod, and has 1 ½” air flow holes. This is the most common fire box for most campgrounds.

We have two styles of large fire boxes 27” X 39” made from 3/16 plate. They have 1 ¼” air flow holes, stationary grill space and a warming edge. One has a hinged lid with chain and the other has a lid that swings to the side. This allows you to better control the temperature for cooking and is much easier to add more wood. Perfect for large back yards and group campsites.

REFUSE CONTAINER - The unique design and rugged construction of our refuse containers make them idea for many locations. The back door swings completely out of the way and rubber stoppers keep the door from scuffing the side. The garbage bag cradle securely holds the bag and conveniently tilts back for changing. When changing the bag our design allow you to slide the full bag off the try and eliminates the need to lift the bag up and out. All refuse containers come with tabs designed to bolt to cement pads. Available in both single and double versions and powder coated for further longevity.